tenifer treatment

dinatale-bertelliWhat's TENIFER® or TUFFTRIDE® Process?

TENIFER® is a salt bath nitriding that produces a thick and homogeneous compounds  layer whose structure consists of chemical compounds which are created by a reaction among iron, nitrogen and carbon.

Why use it:

  • Anti - Friction
    The intermetallic compounds produce an excellent anti-friction layer which enables the sliding of the stages steel against steel.
  • Surface Hardness
    Thickness of compound layer is  0.25 : 0,3 mm. with a minimum hardness of 570 HV, against 180 HV of the standard steel, it’s  particularly resistant to dirt, rock dust, stone etc.
  • Wear Resistance And Running Properties
    The Tenifer treatment is well known for its running properties, for its resistance to wear and stress. It’s mainly used in the automobile industry where the nitrocarburized components undergo more than 900.000  running cycles
  • Oxidation Resistance
    It’s demonstrated that the compound layer is chemically resistant therefore, it improves the resistance to oxidation and corrosion if compared with steel which has not been not treated.

This process is already used with great success all over the world.

Main applications:
Automobile industry
Aeronautics industry
Agriculture industry
Chemical industry
Electric power station
Manufacture of domestic
Textile machinery