safety instructions



  • Protect the stages from welding spatter, splashes of paint and other foreing bodies during mounting.
  • Always protect the upper part of the stages by means of a masking tape or others when painting to avoid that paint gets into the stages and damages the seals.
  • Fit a rilief valve to the hydraulic system, set to 200 Bars.
  • Clean inside the reservoirs and pipelines and fit suitable filters, and leak of air the circuit before use.
  • When at rest the body must not be supported by the closed cylinder, should be at least 20 mm.
  • Check that during the tipping the cylinder doesn’t hinder to the body components, and check the angle of cup ball.
  • Do not wash the cylinders with high pressure jet cleaner.
  • Use mineral hydraulic oils and lubrificants with a viscosity of 2 to 6 Engler at 50°C
  • Recommended density oil:
    - ISO 22 for temperatures from –18°C to +5°C
    - ISO 32 for temperatures from 0°C to +25°C
    - ISO 68 for temperatures from -10°C to +38°C



  • Never exceed the maximum working pressure
  • Always ensure the load is within the maximum payload
  • Always ensure that the load is evenly distributed
  • Tip on firm level ground
  • The vehicle should be stationary when tipping
  • Before tipping ensure working area is clear of people and obstructions
  • If the body does not tip smoothly immediately lower and check cause
  • Do not shunt the vehicle to loosen sticking loads
  • If the load sticks lower the body before resuming tipping operation
  • Always verify that tyre pressure is correct
  • Never work under a body unless it is correctly propped and in a safe environment
  • Never tamper with pressure relief valve or end of stroke valve for cylinder
  • We raccomanded to use the nipple with the pressure check valve stopping the dump body stroke in case of damage or breakage of the oil paping. These nipples are specified in ours tables TAV. N. 08T
  • Di Natale – Bertelli company informs that our products cannot be used until the machine they shall be fitted in is declared to be in compliance with the Machine Guideline ECC-89/392 and further amendaments and is provided with CE mark approval.

Not observance of the above instructions will automatically void any warranty on the cylinder.